Adip’spin - CAI Pharmaceuticals



Adip’spin is a modern bench top centrifuge offering a wide range of applications (for Adip’sculpt product range as well as other products). Adip’spin is a safe, quiet, versatile and easy to maintain device.


Adip’spin is part of the Adip’sculpt protocol. It allows soft and short centrifugation, ensuring high preservation of adipose lobules, thus increasing fat retention rates.

  • Pre-programmed with Adip’sculpt settings
  • Free mode (custom settings):
    - Set speed from 100 to 3000 RPM (900G)
    - Set duration from 1 to 99 min
  • Fully compatible with Adip’sculpt products
  • Rotors (autoclavable) specifically designed for Adip’sculpt products