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Carb-o-xygen® is a IIb class medical device that, thanks to a sophisticated and cutting-edge software, can ensure a controlled, sterile and personalized supply of two medical gases CO2 and O2.

The dual delivery allows to operate both with medical carbon dioxide (Carboxy) and with medical oxygen (Oxygen-clasis and high concentration of oxygen perfusion), thus expanding the application fields.

  • Carboxytherapy is a medical technique that consists in localized microinjections of medical CO2, administered subcutaneously and intradermally using a very tiny needle 30G inserted on a sterile disposable tube. The Treatment is completely safe for the patient, because the carbon dioxide is a-toxic and does not cause embolism as it is compatible with the human body which constantly produces and eliminates it through the venous system by lung.
  • Percutaneous oxygenation is a medical technique that consists in perfusion of medical hyperbaric oxygen and ejected at a pressure of 2.5 atmospheres through a handpiece infusion controller.
  • Oxygen-clasis is a medical technique that provides intralipid infiltration of medical oxygen which causes a destruction of the adipocytes with a consequent reduction in the volume of adipose tissue. The release of free radicals promotes adipocytes damage both in terms of number and volume.

Treatment is poor of side effect and trauma free, painless and suitable for all skin age. The oxygen is a-toxic and does not cause air emboli, the oxygen in the blood is immediately fixed to the hemoglobin of red blood cells and cannot induce this problem.




Vasodilation. The CO2 determines a direct vasodilatation and the consequent increase of the blood flow speed, and the opening of virtual capillaries normally closed in pa- ra-physiological conditions, thus promoting the increased bio-availability of oxygen to the tissues.

Arterialization of blood (bohr effect). The aim of CO2 is to correct the tissue hypoxia due to Bohr effect. The CO2 causes the hemoglobin to release more oxygen in the tissue, improving the degree of oxygenation.

Stimulation of collagen synthesis. The CO2 induces the activation of connective fibroblastic component, the deposition of new collagen and better hydration of tissues, and the improvement of skin elasticity and tone.

Neo-angiogenesis. The CO2 arises the effective creation of new capillaries.

Receptor activation and lipolysis improvement. The CO2 activates, as a secondary effect, lipolysis and the lipocla- sis of the adipocytes membrane. This effect is related to hyperdistention of the exteroceptors subcutaneous and their activation would lead to the release of algogenic substances such as bradykinin, histamine, serotonin and catecholamines.


Skin Revascularization. The O2 provides a direct revitaliza- tion of the most superficial dermo- epidermal layers, increasing the percentage of oxygen in the tissues and blood flow.

Vehiculation of actives: The O2 acts as a metabolic enhancer by delivering active ingredients in to the dermo-epidermal layers.

Neo-angiogenesis: The O2 generates the formation of arterioles and meta-arterioles. It can stimulate a true angiogenesis.

Structural reorganization of connective with neoformation of collagen and elastic fibers: Researchers have shown that the use of topical medical oxygen promotes the microcirculation and skin metabolism.


Clasis of adipose tissue. The O2 does not dissolve the fat contents in the cells, but it breaks the cell wall.

Creation of a tissue hyperoxia. The O2 generates a lipid peroxidative damage in the tissues cells resulting in cell death and tissue volume reduction.


The intelligent electronic Carb-o-xygen® is distinguished by its unique features:

  • Medical device for 2 medical gases CO2 and O2 with automatic recognition of gas type
  • Functional Auto test and calibration verification every power on (gas control, calibration and functionality control)
  • CO2 gas heated with programmable temperature: gas temperature control from 19 °C to 30 °C to the needle.
  • Patient sensitivity test for the CO2
  • Accurate volume and flow supply controlled by micro-processor
  • Option of different dispensing modalities:
    a) constant flow, variable volume: dispensing flow adjustable from 20ml / min up to 150 ml/ min
    b) Micro-droplets technique: Dispensing upon command of small controlled amounts between 1 cc and 10 cc through a special hand piece (dispensing flow fixe dat 60ml/min)
    c) Programmable pulses O2 dispensing up to 4 Hz: dispensing at a maximum pressure of 2.5 atmospheres with a repetitive steps modality.
  • Possibility of supply interruption to vary the flow parameters
  • Streamlined user interface
  • Arrangement for enhanced CO2
  • Maintenance and decontamination oxygen setting: during the period of inactivity of the device, by means of this function, a pure oxygen atmosphere is maintained to preserve the pneumatic part and prevent contamination pathogens



Aesthetic Medicine: cellulite, localized fat deposits, skin laxity, stretch marks, anti-aging, and trichology.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: adjuvant to liposuction. Phlebology: stasis of microcirculation, medium venous insufficiency.

Dermatology: alopecia, psoriasis, acne, eczemas, sores.

Pain Therapy: muscle diseases and musculoskeletal disorders of wrist, elbow, shoulder, spine, knee and ankle.

Orthopedics and Rheumatology: arthritis, arthrosis, peri-arthritis.

Sports Medicine: microcirculation increase with fast recovery of fatigue disorder in muscles.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases: genetic family lipodystrophy.

Gynecology and Urology: vulvovaginal rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction on vascular basis.


Dermatology: alopecia, psoriasis, acne, eczemas, sores and fissures.

Aesthetic Medicine/Surgery: skin aging, cellulite, localized fat deposits, skin laxity, skin dehydration.

Phlebology: capillaries and small varicose veins.

Gynecology: vulvovaginal rejuvenation.

Pain Therapy: muscle diseases and musculoskeletal disorders of wrist, elbow, shoulder, spine, knee and ankle.

Sports Medicine: muscular lesions and pains.