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md:peel ™ 40% mandelic

Mandelic acid is an Alpha Hydroxyacid derived from the hydrolysis of an extract of bitter almonds very effective in the treatment of skin photo ageing, irregular pigmentation and acne.

Due to its higher molecular weight, md:peel mandelic does not penetrate deep into the skin therefore avoiding irritation. It is recommended for patients with sensitive skins and darker phototypes. Patients with skin phototypes I-VI can be safely and effectively treated without side effects.

md:peel mandelic activates cellular regeneration, decreasing corneocyte cohesion and stimulating the shedding of damaged pigmented cells from the skin surface, improving the skins texture and tone. Its whitening properties act as a Tyrosinase inhibitor and help to lighten skin blemishes, increasing the appearance of a smoother skin complexion.

It also promotes collagen production, strengthening the dermal matrix, erasing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin elasticity and luminosity.

With proven keratolytic, antiseborrheic and antibacterial activity, it normalizes sebum secretion helping to correct acne prone skin.