ULTRA VERA HIFU - CAI Pharmaceuticals


Making Secret Change of your privates

Satisfactory results for all women! Recommend to young women in their 20s who are going to get married, women after childbirth, and women in their 40s and 50s who are suffering from aging.

ULTRA VERA by Hironic

Non-invasive, no pain, no bleeding

It just takes 20mins for treatment, and it is possible to return to daily life immediately.

No influence on childbirth

Ultra VeraTM treatment has no influence on natural childbirth, and it is also suitable for single women.

Additional effects

Besides tightening effects, it is also helpful for women who have urinary incontinence symptom.

Reliable technology of Hironic’s HIFU series

The HIFU technology is proved by over 200,000 treatments cases of Hironic products.