YVOIRE CONTOUR 1.0 ml - CAI Pharmaceuticals


When injected, YVOIRE contour shows the smooth surface outlines and excellent supporting capacity owing to its ideal multi-particle size composition.

[Ingredient]: Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid 22mg/ml

[Average particle size]: 1,400μm

[Indication]: Facial tissue augmentation typically used for treatment of extreme facial wrinkles and folds, and also replacement of volume defects, facial lipoatrophy and improvement of facial contour deformities by injection in the facial subcutaneous and supraperiosteal facial layers.

[Shelf-Life]: 17 months (CE:18months)

[Recommended micro-cannula]: 23G 50mm or 21G 50mm

[How it is supplied]: Pre-filled syringe 1ml/box with 21GX2 Terumo Thin-wall needles

[Microscopic view of YVOIRE contour]

In YVOIRE contour, fine particles of cross-linked HA fills the void between around the large main particles, resulting in smoother surface on the correction areas as well as continuous, uniform and flowing injection sensation regardless of its larger average particle size.

*Microscopic view of YVOIRE contour dispersed in saline and toluidine blue.