DermaSculpt Microcannula® - CAI Pharmaceuticals

DermaSculpt Microcannula®

Compared to using a Sharp Needle

No intravascular injection

Eliminating the risk of:

  • Necrosis
  • Blindness
  • Ophthalmoplegia

Virtually no bruising

Considerably less pain

Minimal downtime

Single point of entry for wider coverage

Stimulates new collagen production

For low concentration and viscosity HA fillers, superficial injections:

30G x 1" (25mm)

Tear trough, fine lines - precise work

For fillers of medium concentration and viscosity HA fillers:

27G x 1" (25mm)

Shorter length for a precise injection

27G x 1 ½" (38mm)

Most versatile size, used for most facial indications

27G x 2" (50mm)

Extra length to cover larger treatment area

For medium to thick HA and non HA fillers, median to deep injections:

25G x 1 ½" (38mm)

can be used for most facial indications

25G x 2" (50mm)

Extra length to cover larger treatment area

For viscous & highly concentrated fillers, injections deep into the skin to create volume:

23G x 1 ⅛" (29mm)

Precision for thick fillers

22G x 2" (50mm)

Most versatile size for thick fillers

22G x 2¾" (70mm)

Extra length - Perfect for the hands!

Disposable cannulas for re-injection of fat:

18G x 2¾" (70mm)

Use a Disposable cannula for re-injecting fat to reduce the risk of cross-contamination or simply patient disconfort resulting from unavoidable Fat residual after disinfection / autoclaving.

Additionally, Re-usable cannulas do not slide as well after a few uses.

How to use DermaSculpt


Puncture a hole into the skin

The gauge of the sharp needle needs to be slightly superior to the gauge of the microcannula in use.

- The 30G & 27G cannulas come packaged with a 26G sharp needle
- The 25G cannulas come packaged with a 23G sharp needle
- The 22G cannulas come packaged with a 21G sharp needle


Insert the tip of the Microcannula into the skin

Follow these tips from our most advanced injectors to guarantee an easy entry into the skin:

- Insertion of the tip of the microcannula should be from a 60 to 90 degree angle until the correct depth has been found.
- Pinch the skin to create a small drop of blood out of the puncture hole which should help you locate the hole.
- Stretch the skin opposite direction with the non-injecting hand to help enlarge the puncture hole.
- Place the index finger of the injecting hand close to the tip of the microcannula to help guide the cannula into the skin.
- or hold the syringe like a dart.


Slide the DermaSculpt Microcannula into the skin

As you are entering the skin, rotate the cannula tangentially to the skin surface using the flexibility of the microcannula.


Inject filler in a retrograde fashion

Start injecting while pulling the length of the microcannula in and out of the skin. To change direction, pull the cannula out of the skin almost entirely, back to step two (leaving the tip at the desired depth).



It's recommended to massage the skin after the injection to make sure the filler has been evenly distributed.