HIRONIC - CAI Pharmaceuticals


Established in 2006, Hironic is a KOSDAQ-listed company that manufactures innovative medical aesthetic laser and energy-based devices for dermatology and plastic surgery clinics. Committed to creating value for beauty and health, Hironic provides a diverse range of products including DOUBLO™, a skin lifting device utilizing high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology for skin rejuvenation, MICOOL™, which permanently destroys fat cells using cryo fat reduction technology for body shaping, MIRACLEAR™ & AFit™ for acne treatment, VeraSHAPE™ for obesity care, ByeLIPO™ for Fat reduction and Cellulite removal, Q-Fit™ for pigmented treatment and EASYMO GRAFT™, a non-invasive hair transplant device.

The Hironic brand continues to be recognized, valued and trusted globally by its beautifully designed, innovative and reliable technology.

HIRONIC Products