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Why do I choose YVOIRE?

Do you wonder why doctors all over the world choose Yvoire?

Dr. Salvatore Fundaro and Dr. Francesco Romeo, plastic surgeons in Italy, and the cosmetologist Dr. Oksana Pavlenko from Russia, have all used Yvoire for many years, and now they will tell you why.

We all know the effects of time on our skin.

Plastic surgeon Maria Skolarikou talks to us about a unique product, the best hyaluronic acid injectable, Yvoire.

Beauty Tips by CAI Pharmaceuticals

Beauty Tips for eyes & lips, by the Scientific Associate of CAI Pharmaceuticals, Antonis Panopoulos.



Why do I choose JALUPRO®?

A revolutionary and miraculous mesotherapy nectar for spectacularly shiny skin with a touch.

Dermatologist Elina Theodorakopoulou explains how JALUPRO® contributes to the preservation and renewal of the facial features.