MD:CEUTICALS - CAI Pharmaceuticals

Reveal a new skin with a healthier, brighter and younger complexion.

md:ceuticals presents a wide range of chemical peels formulated to improve the skins appearance, fighting the main signs of ageing.

Chemical peel is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures to reveal a new skin with a smoother, softer and younger complexion, reversing damaged skin due to some factors such as sun exposure (photodamage), aging, oily skin…

md:peel Treatments accelerate skin exfoliation, shedding damaged cells from the uppermost layers of the skin, promoting a new layer of skin that is more youthful, refined, luminous, with fewer wrinkles and dyschromias.

md:peel treatments have been tested, providing unparalleled results in a short period of time. The application of md:peel is completely safe, well-tolerated and generally has minimal side effects and discomfort.


md:ceuticals™ :

Through years of research md:ceuticals provides to the physicians highly effective professional treatments and daily care products to help their patients achieve healthy and beautiful skin, fighting existing main visible skin disorders (hyper pigmentation, skin ageing, photo damage, wrinkles…) and protecting skin from future damage through last state of the art ingredients and innovative formulations.

Our cosmeceuticals contain high concentrations of the newest and most effective active ingredients. Superlative formulas that provide safe, quick and lasting results, working on the cellular level.

md:ceuticals is an international company sold in more than 40 countries. Clinical studies in different countries demonstrate the benefits of our products in reversing visible signs of ageing, providing to our customers the safest and more effective professional treatments.