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In 1947 LG chem began to produce reliable, innovative, high quality and safe for human health pharmaceuticals. LG chem has become a leading multinational pharmaceutical company with sales & networking in over 80 countries worldwide.

With the knowledge it has accumulated over the years, LG Chem has released the first Korean hyaluronic acid filler, Yvoire. With over 10 years on the world market right now is Number 1 consumer choice.

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LG Chem, realizing the customer value with market-leading products and services in basic components, battery, information and electronic materials, and bio-industry. LG Chem also has a long history of over 70 years in the aesthetics industry. Yeonam, the founder of LG Group, started a cosmetics retail store in Busan, Korea, in 1945. He has selected cosmetics retail as the main business among many others since “cosmetics will always exist as people want to be beautiful.” When he saw the cosmetics retail business succeeded, he founded Lucky Chemical Engineering in 19v47 and launched ‘Lucky Cream’ to seriously

start cosmetics manufacturing. However, In the process of upgrading lids, so the company started developing plastic materials and manufactured the first processed plastic products in 1952, to improve the quality of their lids. At the end of 1983, LG Chem built the first cosmetics company in Korea and manufactured basic cosmetics and makeup products with Helena Rubinstein of America. In 1985, LG independently produced 123 products including 32 kinds of basic cosmetics and perfumes.


LG Chem has secured a unique R&D potential which was approved for the first time in Korea for new drug by the FDA in USA. It has continued to grow as a global pharmaceutical company by expanding pipelines to develop new chemicals with c investment and R&D competence. LG Chem has studied hyaluronic acid products since 1990. It launched solutions used for ophthalmic surgery in 1995, and a drug for osteoarthritis in 2005, using hyaluronic acid ingredients.

With the accumulated knowledge, LG Chem launched the first Korean hyaluronic acid filler, ‘Yvoire Classic,’ in the Korean aesthetic market. LG Chem’s own 30 years of accumulated knowledge from the ingredient research has naturally been presented in their outstanding quality and it has provided a unique competitiveness of ‘Yvoire.’ It has become the unrivaled competitiveness of ‘Yvoire’ realizing the beauty, the customers want in an effective and safe way.


‘Yvoire,’ the filler product directly manufactured by LG Chem from the ingredients to finish, has maintain ed an overwhelming market share in Korea and China since its launch in 2010, calling for a change in the existing Asian aesthetics market which previously considered European products superior. Achieving unrivaled share in Korean and Chinese markets in 2017, Yvoire now is exported to more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. Recognized for its contribution in the dramatic increase of experts, Yvoire was

selected as the world’s best product in 2016, certified by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea. This means that ‘Yvoire’ has been recognized as a competent product that will be in the top 5 of world’s market share, beyond the Asian market, in the next 7 years. As noted above, ‘Yvoire’ provides a product with high value in beauty to the customers around the world that was profoundly built in the aesthetics industry.

YVOIRE Products

Distinguished HA raw materials

LG Chem has developed and manufactured hyaluronic acid pharmaceutical products 25 years.

HA R&D started with Producer Strain Development
Hyal 2000Ⓡ Inj.,1st HA Ophthalmic Viscoelastics launched in Korea Hyruan plusⓇ Inj., 1st 3-Injection HA Osteoarticular
Viscosupplement launched in Korea
YVOIREⓇ, 1st Cross-linked HA Filler launched in Korea
YVOIREⓇ plus, 1st HA Filler with Lidocaine launched in Korea

Authorized quality

Reliable HA material listed to US FDA DMF 1) and certificated by FDA DMF 2)

LG Chems’ non-animal origin HA has been marketed in various medical fields since 1995 with proven safety and efficacy. Its high molecular weight HA has been approved by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicinesand its drug master file has been filed to the US FDA.

HICETM Cross-linking Technology

HICETM Cross-linking Technology, which enables to reach the maximum cross-linking ratio despite of “minimal use of cross-linkers” by dispersing the cross-linkers into highly concentrated HA during cross-linking reaction.

Cross-linking ratio of HA filler products

Life Sciences company

Having continued to grow over 7 decades since founded in 1947, LG Chem is literally the company leading the chemical industry in Korea. The company has strengthened market dominance starting from the Basic Materials & Chemicals business to Energy Solution, IT and Electronic Materials and has expanded its business into Life Science area, building a future-oriented business portfolio.

LG Chem helps the people to lead a healthy life by strengthening its R&D competence in Life Sciences. Life Sciences is the company's new growth engine in the mid to long term goal.

The company has secured the differentiated R&D competence and has received the U.S. FDA approval for its new drugs for the first time in Korea. Based on our superior biotechnology and R&D capabilities accumulated since 1980s, we have been successful in developing a variety of original products including Korea's first growth hormone for children, new drugs for diabetes, etc. At the same time, we have continuously expanded our competitive edge through cooperation with global pharmaceutical companies.